Thursday, 31 December 2009

The WH Hit

I always wanted to get inside an unknown system through a wormhole (WH) and get a kill or two. Never had managed to organize this before though. This opportunity arrived a few weeks ago ...

One of my associates had find a WH. He had jumped into it, hopping to stare at a strange environment and curious of what the residents would be like. They came to be of the mining type. They also had some POSs set up for the ease of logistic and for their protection. He communicated me with his findings and that made me think of the opportunity I had! Hastily, in order to not lose this, I flown my Arazu reckon class ship at the known entry system. While I did so, I communicated my associate's findings to my alliance mates. Although it has been a very tiresome day, reaching to its end, a lot of them reacted to my call. We assembled a fleet and they started flying towards the rendezvous system.

As some where further away, my associate decided to lead one of my fleet mates, who was flying a second Arazu, into the WH. The rest of the fleet would enter the WH, when it had assembled into the high sec system that this hunt had started from. Sadly when that happened, we realized that the WH had just collapsed and there was no route into that unknown system from this high sec system.

My fleet mate and my associate started to scan again. They hoped to get another high sec exit from that unknown system that wouldn't be far from our current position. Although a pack of 8 probes were out travelling and probing for sites and exits, the miner in kept going on with her business. And while my associate was narrowing down an exit WH to a known system, my fleet mate was, having switched to combat probes, narrowing down the miner's position.

Luck sometimes is with our side! The exit WH lead to a known high sec system, just 15 jumps far from our current position, only going through a quite, as map showed us, low sec system. In the meantime, to make sure we wouldn't lose the target, I had switched to a Phobos class ship. The bubble deployed from the Heavy Heavy Interdictor would make sure nothing would escape before we had a chance to shoot it!

15 jumps later we were ready to meet with my associate at the entry WH into the unknown system. my fleet mate had, also, scanned down the miner's position and had been dully watching the movement on the POSs and the mining site. Sadly, there was not much to report back. A Raven class Battleship, seemed to have been powered down for the night at the POSs protective shield, and the only other moving ship was an Itteron Mark V hauler, which seemed to be flown by the miner herself.

The plan was simple. Get the Arazu at 10Kms from the miner, jump all the fleet into the WH, the Phobos first, and then the ships in ascending mass order, to get as many in before the WH collapses again, warp the Phobos on top of the Arazu, put on the warp disrupting field and call in everyone to have a bite at the kill. We were, also, hopping that the Raven crew would come into saving their mate's ship and get us an even nicer kill.

Plan was simple and thus easily executed. At its 99%. The damage output from the Phobos, Arazu and the most light ships that could warp in faster than the heavier, killed the Hulk mining vessel before everyone had a chance to register at its kill. It seemed that its captain was relaxing as well, because all the time we were shooting at her ship there was not even the smallest effort to retaliate. The 5 Hammerhead I drones, that were registered at the wreck's black box, never flown out against us. Maybe it was so obvious to her that the battle was lost that she never tried to avoid her sure fate. We made sure she wouldn't freeze at the cold space and send her back to her medical clone, and a warmer than a pod environment, I am sure!

After collecting the poor loot, and blowing up whatever we didn't want or could haul back due to our fighting ship's cargo restrictions, we flown back to the entry WH and jumped back to the known high sec system in a mass descending order, and of course leaving the probe capable ships for the end. When all the fleet and my associate were safe, we flown back to our home base, even more tired, but happy the way the fleet operated and the kill we had. I agree, a mining vessel is not a tough opponent, but tactics training can be done with anything, though explosions at the end of the training session make the participants more eager to learn :D

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