Sunday, 8 November 2009


I am the CEO of Neuro Cartographic Services (aka NEURO)! NEURO is a corp. A space ships corp. Yes there are such corps already!!! They exist in another dimension and in a space far far away from Earth's space. The only known way to go through our space to NEURO's space is by joining a community and utilizing a software from your PC. It is called EVE.

I am known at that space (from now on this space ...) as Yiorgos P.

I am the leader of a team of dedicated pilots, who all work together hard for the well being and advancement of our pride: NEURO!

This blog will describe the everyday operations of our pride. It will be a way for the people in this dimension to find out and learn about the whereabouts and heroic actions of those dedicated pilots that fight all over space for good, honor and pride. Yeah add that they are space junkies and occasionally need some money to support their operations, but they mostly fight for the bright side of their dimension (which can be very different some times from the one in our space ... )

So keep reading this as more news make it through to our world and dive into theirs!

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