Sunday, 8 November 2009

Starting ... afresh!

Time flies fast they say.

A year went so fast and that I never realized my log missed it altogether. I will commit to keep logs at more frequent times from now on ... Or so I always say and end up to not write anything at all.

And don't take this the wrong way. Neuro has seen a lot this past year. One thing that EVE never lets you have, is to get bored. A new alliance, a move to 0.0 space for a third time (Syndicate area for whoever wonders), a removal from that alliance and that space, a second new alliance and many wars and fights in high sec empire and low sec space! Yes a very busy and active period. So busy that the time to record all these was so little, that nothing was put down.

But do not worry. EVE never lets you down. Never allows you to get bored! The more you look for a fight, for interesting stuff to do, the more frequently you will find them. And this time I will record the most important ones, for me at least, so that you all can read and have a laugh or learn something out of our experiences in space ...

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